A lot of creative work is created through inspiration and on the basis of other creative work. These three resources provide you with just the creative input you need and give you the ability to start earning money with your work right away – Get creative now!

Art curated with love, just for you!


Junique allows you to find & buy cool art at affordable prices. It was founded out of the need for beautiful art outside of galleries and on your wall instead. At the same time, it enables young and talented artists from all over the world to share their work, make a living online and make a name for themselves. To make sure that you don’t get flooded with meaningless crap however, every piece on Junique is selected by a team of curators.


Choose from over 3 million services to get work done


If you need to get a particular job done and have a clear image of what you need, Fiverr is probably the place to go. With affordable prices and over 3.000.000 offered services, you can find pretty much anything on there – not only creative work. You can also make your hobbies a profession and offer your skills and expertise to others, but don’t expect to get rich 😉

Free Images, vectors, PSDs


If you need pretty much any template or starting point for you creative work, be it designing a flyer, business cards or sketches, Freepik is the one spot where you find it all. The best part is, all of it is 100% free, most of it even for commercial use, if you accredit the author. I strongly recommend you to check out their offering!



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