Do you want to maximize saving on your next international trip? Here is how the travel experts from FlightFox will beat any offer by far. Even price comparison sites like Kayak and SkyScanner can not compete with that!

About a year ago, my former girlfriend and I tried to find a way to meet up even though she was in Santiago de Chile and I was stuck in the rainy Netherlands. Luckily, a friend had recommended the new service FlightFox to me a while before already.

On the right you can see what our trip planing website looked like and how the travel experts describe themselves.

Here you can see what our trip planing website looked like and how the travel experts describe themselves.

How does FlightFox actually work?

How does it actually work?

During the whole process, the travel concierge explains to you what he needs and provides you with different options. It honestly couldn’t be easier!

Why I will use it for every upcoming international flight:

What makes flightfox special?

I can’t come up with a single downside for using their service. Since they guarantee you a quick and easy refund if their offer doesn’t beat the one you find on the price comparison sites, all you could potentially loose are a few minutes of your day.

Our expert was patient, forthcoming and responded quickly every time we messaged him with additional plans and information. This happened quite a lot, poor guy ;)

How to maximize the benefit gained from using FlightFox:

One of the tricks the flightfox experts share with you

For me, the potential of FlightFox increases exponentially the more flexible you are about timeframe and destination. Usually, the experts are committed to helping you out even beyond your initial request, if you timeframe or destination plans have changed. We even requested multiple destinations for the same timeframe to compare.

Further, some of the tricks they use are already quite will known, but I honestly wouldn’t try them out without the confirmation of an expert that it will actually work.

An example of these “tricks” can be seen on the left.

I hope you enjoyed my five cents about FlightFox and thank you very much for reading. Please contact me or comment below if you have any additional questions!

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, you can check out their offering on their  Website

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