Applying for the first real job is considered as a pain by many students. Browsing through job offers might still be enjoyable, but once it comes down to actually writing your application, many tend to get cold feed and love to procrastinate. In this article, we want to provide you with 4 tools that can make life a lot easier during the application process.


Everybody knows the pre-installed Microsoft Office CV layouts, that pop up when opening a new MS Word document. As a consequence, many students tend to use them as their source of inspiration and end up having very similar looking CVs. Hloom offers you the opportunity to find a more individualistic theme by providing 283 resume templates in MS word format. You can browse through different topics and pick the one the fits your occasion. Once downloaded, the documents are easily editable. From experience, I would suggest to stick with the main format of the template and only customize the color and general elements.



If you have questions regarding the styling of your LinkedIn profile, on how to write a good cover letter or any other job related activity, themuse is a helpful resource to consult. The site acts as a huge knowledge hub for career advice, where a variety of authors share their views & best practices in a short article format. As these articles are often written in list-form, they can act as the perfect introductory literature for us millennial with such a short attention span. 😉


Job Hero

This tool will simplify the actual application process by providing an easy to use platform to manage all your documents and tasks. Once logged in, you can save job postings from across the web in one common place (A nice alternative to the normal bookmarking system from your browser). As HR people sometimes don’t respond to you for weeks, you can also set smart reminder alerts & application deadlines to stay on top of the game. Additionally you can store all your supportive documents  and quickly auto-select them when applying to a new position.



If you have made it into the next round and an assessment center or interview is waiting, check out Glassdoor to get more information about the companies recruitment process. For bigger companies, there tend to be always multiple applicants that have shared their experiences from the recruitment process. Based on these reviews, you can get an overall feeling of how long the recruitment process will take and how many rounds there might be. Additionally, you can even read questions that could be asked during the interview and already pre-formulate a few answers in a bullet point format.



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