Two of the financial headlines in the last few weeks have been as following:
 Japan’s GDP growth rate jumps to 1.7%
UK consumer price growth slows in April
Thanks for the information, but what does that actually mean? I think many of us know the scenario: You read about financial news, but then have trouble interpreting them and struggle to put them into context. The easiest solution seems to be googling key words and basic definitions,  but often one still encounters problems putting the pieces into perspective.  ( And it is extremely time consuming…)

Meet Finimize.

An easy to understand newsletter that summarizes & translates the biggest financial news for you on a daily basis. 

How does it work?

As with every newsletter, you just have to go to the Finimize Website, type in your email address and you are good to go. When signing up, you can select what Edition you want to receive (Either the Global or the European Edition). Once processed, the newsletter will be send to you every morning. Overall, each Edition will cover the two main financial topics/events a day that are relevant to the respective region.

These 2 events are then deconstructed and analyzed based on these 4 recurring questions:

  • What’s going on here?
  • What does this mean?
  • Why should I care?
  • The bigger picture:

The great thing about this structure is that you know exactly what you will get everyday. The simple scheme creates the necessary relevance for you as an individual and takes around 3-5 minutes to read. What I find particularly awesome is that you constantly learn something everyday and once finished reading, have the feeling that you already accomplished something for the day.

In times of information overload, social media-manipulated news and viral videos, I have made this newsletter a constant in my daily routine. I think that we always tend to want to fully understand a topic right away in an instant. But as many things in life, the financial world is so complex that it is very difficult to make sense of it, even as an expert. As you have to start somewhere, try Finimize and conquer the financial world with small steps. Over time, the pieces of the puzzle will come together and ultimately your financial literacy will improve.


I think it is a very exciting time to join the newsletter. An app is in the making and the founders are very responsive to feedback, making it a medium that you can actively influence.

So when zipping on your next coffee in the morning, try Finimize with it. The combination can be quite refreshing. 😉