If you know how it is to work in team without sitting at the same table, you have probably already experienced how troublesome that can be. These three tools make remote collaboration hustle free and efficient to set you up for a great start into your next project!

Of course, you should also use Google Drive. But its Google Drive, we would feel silly for explaining what it does 😉

communication, video calls


Want to collaborate through a video call or sharing your screen? Forget about Skype. Wire is easy to use, set up and offers much more functionality than Skype. It seems to perform better when the connection is not the greatest and all of your information is encrypted and thus safe from unwanted listeners. Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100% free and that the UI doesn’t look like it’s stuck in the 90’s? So, call me on Wire!


Teamwork, collaboration, email replacement


Most of you might know #Slack already, but for those of you who missed this great and free (for standard usage) tool: Open your laptop and install Slack now. Done? Now tell your team members to install it and forget about email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and whatever else you used for written communication – you now have Slack.

notes, collaboration


Evernote is a great tool to save and organise notes, simple as that. But that is not all: By using a shared folder, you can work on documents and notes collaboratively, share files among each other and open many of them directly in Evernote, clip entire websites and never forget that important thing you had to do ever again. We probably spend more than an hour each day in Evernote, so it’s safe to say, that signing up for Evernote is an absolute must. It’s also free (for standard usage), by the way.



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