When was the last time that you went without your smartphone for a whole day? Well I suppose it has been a while – Same for me…We constantly receive new notifications, feel the urge to share our latest status and are also available for calls & emails 24/7. For me this abundance of information sometimes feels overwhelming, especially if I need to get things done for work or Uni.

Meet my solution: Headspace

An app with guided meditation lessons for all experience levels that can help you to improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

What? You might say: Meditation is the answer? I am not into this esoteric stuff…I was a little skeptic in the beginning as well, but experienced that they are taking a very scientific & rational approach towards Meditation, which I found quite refreshing.

How was headspace created?

The person who came up with the concept for headspace is called Andy Puddicombe. He spent multiple years as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Northern India and intensively studied the practice of meditation. Once he was back in the US, he took his learnings and put them in a format that would allow many other people to benefit from this technique.

Image Source: Headspace.com

How does it work?

Once you have downloaded the app and have subscribed to the headspace service, you can select from a variety of different packs. Maybe you want to improve your focus, relieve stress or improve your relationships. Whatever it may be, there are over 20 different topics to choose from. Each pack contains 10-30 guided sessions and you can specify the length of each session (10,15 or 20 minutes). Once you start your first lesson, you are introduced to the concepts & techniques used in this pack through little animated videos. In every session, Andy is your constant guide and companion. He has a calm voice and his instructions are usually very clear and to the point. Each session follows a similar setup and once you become more advanced, he will give you more freedom by commenting less and let you enjoy the silence 😉
As with every sport or hobby, you will not be good at mediation over night. It takes time to master these techniques and headspace has implemented a few features to keep you motivated & built a habit. There is small dashboard that shows you your current progress and total time meditated, as well as your current running streak. I found the running streak metric quite motivating, as the more days you accumulate, the more exciting it gets, as you don’t want to dismiss your streak. Additionally you can invite up to 5 friends and see how they are currently performing and what packs they are trying out.

Image Source: Sameapk

Image Source: Sameapk

How could a routine look like?

I am now 80 days into my headspace journey and I am starting to see the first benefits. I feel more energetic and can focus a lot easier on my work, especially if I have to get back to a task after I did something on my phone. I do my daily session right after I get up before breakfast. This has proven for me to be the best time, as you can easily take out 15 minutes in the morning before things get very busy.

I can only encourage you to try it out. Better start building a good habit while you are still in university or your first job and still have the time to do so. As they have a 10-day free trial, there is no risk involved – What are you waiting for? ?


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