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Apps, tools, inspiration and readings to help you to find your dream job.


A job search engine that integrates listings from many different sources, decreasing your search cost.

Freelance Junior

Find interesting projects to work on next to your studies on a freelance basis.


Quickly build your HR profile and find your next side job (or let it find you).

InStaff (Germany focus)

Receive daily offers for side jobs as a hostess or promoter.


Find a suitable side job in your area through a visualized map search.

Squeaker (Germany focus)

Receive insider information about the recruitment process for business oriented careers.

Kununu (Germany focus)

See user ratings about working conditions and company culture of firms in the German speaking area.


Receive information about startups and see whether they have current jobs available.


Get information about the recruitment process & culture of the company of your interest.


Find plenty of jobs on this job portal.


Find student opportunities such as events, scholarships, internships, competitions.

Staufenbiel (Germany focus)

Find German graduate jobs on specialised job boards administered job boards.

Gründerszene (Germany focus)

Find interesting startup jobs in Germany.

Absolventa (Germany focus)

Find suitable entry jobs or traineeships with this job board for graduates & young professionals.


Find startup jobs that match your ambitions and receive detailed information about the company culture.

AnyIntern (USA focus)

Find a suitable internship in this US-focused database.

Truffls (Germany focus)

Find your next dream job - Tinder style.

Anthology (USA focus)

Find a matching job using confidential data.

Huma (USA focus)

Specify your strengths & interests and huma will deliver internships and graduate jobs right to your inbox.

Hired (USA focus)

Let companies apply to you and receive job offers with salary & equity information upfront.

JobSpotting (Germany focus)

Receive personal job recommendations based on your entered profile.