Personal Development

Apps, tools, inspiration and readings to help you become an even better you.

Filter Sparks


Get the best out of your news consumption with this neat looking and functional newsfeed.


Learn without effort while waiting for other apps to load using a simple app.


Track all of your goals and habits in this analytical iOS app.

Habit Tracker

Build a routine of positive, life changing habits using a simple and clean iPhone app.


Get motivated to adapt new habits by increasing your streak and not breaking the chain.


Build habits and increase productivity in a motivating role playing game with you as the protagonist.


Find out what you can accomplish within a single month if you focus on it in this article.


Track your life goals and work on common goals together with friends, family or colleagues.


Match the energy you have each day to your tasks and thereby playfully reduce your stress levels.


Improve your life using this game by identifying important tasks and being motivated to take meaningful action.

Lumosity Mobile

Challenge yourself with brain games developed by neuroscientists.


Increase your brain connectivity through personalized scientific games based on specific goals.

Coach Me

Acquire new habits through the free habit tracking app or contact professional coaches.

Develop Good Habits

Discover which life enhancing habit to adopt next through this blog.


Improve personally as a creative person or artist.

The One Thing

Achieve greater results by learning how to focus on one thing at a time.

The Power of Habit

Increase your understanding of why habits exist and how they can be changed through this book.

Spark Joy

Organize and tidy up your life using the KonMari method taught in this book.


Get inspired to live your best possible life following the advice of influencers and professionals.


Achieve more in your life using tipps provided by this lifehack blog.


Teach others or learn through online courses as a part of a community for creators.


Learn how to use products and software directly from the creators.


Learn a new language, free, playfully as well as where- and whenever you want.

Khan Academy

Get free, world-class education in the form of video tutorials and online courses.


Learn one of many musical instruments all through the same app.


Learn virtually anything through online courses.


Learn how to pronounce foreign words like a native with the help of a worldwide community.


Learn playing the piano by practicing your favourite songs and improve quickly.


Improve your cognitive skills such as comprehension, focus and more playfully with this research backed app.


Find all star constellations by pointing your phone at the sky.

Big Think

Acquire significant and applicable knowledge about current topics through videos.

Unfiltered News

Get inspired by influencers through great lectures and presentations in video format.


Get inspired by influencers through great lectures and presentations in video format.

Study Blue

Ace that next exam of yours by studying a large collection of flashcards on your smart phone.

94 Degrees

Improve your common knowledge through short and fun games in this multi-platform app.